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Cable and Connector Construction Types: Coaxial | Triaxial | Twinaxial
Mating Action Types: Bayonet | Slide-on | Snap-On | Threaded
Cable Connector Configurations: Cable Plugs | Cable Jacks | Bulkhead Cable Jacks | Panel Cable Jacks
Cable Attachment Types (Flexible Cable): Collet | Econo-Crimp | V-Groove | Wedge-Eze | Wedge-Lock | X-Crimp
Cable Attachment Types (Semi-Rigid Cable): Collet | Direct Solder | Solder-Clamp
Receptacle Body Configurations: Bulkhead | Panel | P.C. Board | Stripline
Receptacle Contact Configurations: All Types
Accessories: Caps | Resistive Terminations | Cable Terminations


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