Econo-Crimp Cable Attachment (for Flexible Cable)

This inexpensive cable attachment method features quick assembly and small connector size and weight.

The cable is stripped and the connector contact soldered to the cable center conductor. The tail of the body is inserted under the cable braid, and the crimp sleeve moved into position and crimped. For additional savings in assembly time, some Econo-Crimp connectors have contacts that can be crimped to the conductor instead of being soldered.

Captive contact types have a grooved contact which snaps into place in the insulator when assembled. This provides consistent axial contact location within the interface, and prevents movement of the contact from cable flexure or temperature changes after assembly.

All Econo-Crimp connectors use readily-available commercial crimp tools and dies for assembly. Econo-Crimp connectors can be ordered with heat-shrinkable tubing for weatherproofing.

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