V-Groove Cable Attachment (for Flexible Cable)

V-Groove cable attachment is the standard for military UG-type connectors, and is field-replaceable with no special tools.

The cable is stripped, and the braid is combed out and folded back over the ferrule. The connector contact is soldered to the cable conductor. The prepared cable, the V-gasket, and the slip washer are secured in the body assembly by tightening the backnut.

The slip washer prevents twisting the cable while the nut is being tightened, and the rear surface of the ferrule cuts though the V-gasket, providing metal-to-metal braid clamping as well as weatherproofing.

Captive contact types fix the contact axially between two insulators, providing consistent axial contact location within the interface, and preventing movement of the contact from cable flexure or temperature changes after assembly.

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