Wedge-Lock Cable Attachment (for Flexible Cable)

This patented attachment system features a captive contact, quick assembly, and secure cable retention. The cable braid and jacket are flared over the cone-shaped wedge, and the backnut captures the braid and jacket when screwed into the body assembly.

Unlike some similar constructions, the backnut incorporates a slip ring to prevent twisting of the cable during assembly.

Gaskets in the backnut provide weatherproofing of the cable attachment. The cable center conductor is soldered to the contact.

Standard Wedge-Lock clamps the cable jacket and braid against the cone.

Improved Wedge-Lock clamps the cable braid against the cone with metal-to-metal contact, with separate slotted fingers to secure the cable jacket.

Many connectors with Wedge-Lock cable attachment are qualified to MIL-PRF-39012, Category A (field replaceable, no special tools required for assembly).

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