Collet Cable Attachment (for Flexible or Semi-Rigid Cable)

This attachment method is used in BSM, TSM, and SMP subminiature connectors, and is not weatherproof. A weatherproof version is also available, incorporating gaskets within the cable attachment hardware.

The cable is stripped, and the braid is combed out and folded back over the front of the collet. The connector contact is soldered to the cable conductor. When the assembled cable is inserted into the body assembly and the backnut tightened, the cable is retained by the clamping action of the collet on the braid.

Additional cable retention is provided by the backnut compressing the split end of the collet, clamping the cable jacket with the grooves inside the collet.

This attachment type can also be used in many connector series as a “solderless” attachment for semi-rigid cable.

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