"Legacy" Series Connectors

In over fifty years of coaxial connector manufacturing, we have produced connectors in hundreds of different series. Many of these are no longer in current production, but are occasionally required for replacement purposes.

We maintain a large stock of parts and finished units for a wide range of these “legacy” series. In addition, we have one of the largest RF connector drawing and catalog libraries in the world—we can cross-reference from almost any manufacturer part number or military specifications, current or obsolete.

This is just a partial listing of the legacy connector series we can provide. No matter how obscure your requirements, call us—we may be able to supply the connectors you need when nobody else can.

Battery Connectors: Military multipin to SM-C-447075.
BN: Small version of type N series, replaced in general usage by BNC connectors.
GR874: Hermaphroditic connectors used on test equipment manufactured by General Radio.
F: Low-frequency, threaded connectors used in CATV applications.
HLT: Higher-voltage (10KV) version of LT series.
LN: Large version of N series, designed for use with RG-14 and similar-size cables.
Pulse A and B: Large, high-voltage connectors with ceramic insulators. Used in Naval aicraft and shipboard equipment, and Army Signal Corps equipment.
Pulse Rubber: Large, high-voltage connectors (similar to Pulse A and B) with rubber insulators.
Push-on Miniature: UG-1050 type, similar in size to BNC connectors.
SKL: Designed for use with Klystron tubes; generally replaced by BNC connectors.
SM: Miniature connectors with threaded mating; not weatherproof. Similar in size to BN connectors.
SMD: Miniature, threaded, low-frequency connectors.
SMT: Miniature connectors with threaded mating; compatible with GRFF / Solitron TM series.
SRL: Miniature connectors with threaded mating; compatible with Gremar Red Line series.
Star-Tronics: After our acquisition of Star-Tronics in the 1970s, many Star-Tronics connectors were re-assigned to Automatic part numbers. We maintain the complete library of Star-Tronics drawings, and can supply any Star-Tronics connectors.
UHF: Medium, low-frequency connectors with threaded mating. The original RF connector series; current usage generally for CB radio antenna connections. Twinaxial versions also available.
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