LC and LC-2 Series Connectors

Large, very high-voltage connectors with threaded mating, designed to MIL-DTL-3650 requirements.

Similar in size, to LT series, but not intermateable.

Impedance: 50 ohms
Voltage rating: 5,000 V DC. (High-voltage version: 10,000V DC).
Frequency range: DC–1 GHz.

Dimensions in inches (millimeters).
Drawing is approximately 120% of actual size for clarity.

LC-2 connectors (also known as LCL) are a larger version of LC, with voltage rating of 10,000 volts.
LC-2 jacks have 1.75-16 threads, and plugs have 2" hex coupling nuts. See our LC / LT catalog for more information on LC-2 connectors.
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