M39012/83 SMA Bulkhead Cable Jacks

M39012/83 connectors are straight SMA bulkhead jacks for semi-rigid cable, with captive contacts and solder-clamp cable attachment. They have passivated stainless-steel bodies (gold-plated where soldered to cable), and gold-plated contacts.

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Figure 1
M39012 P/N Category Cable Group Cable Attachment Automatic P/N Figure
M39012/83B3001 B XVII Solder-Clamp 33-18003-000 5
M39012/83B3002 B XVI Solder-Clamp 33-18003-001 5
M39012/83B3003 B XVII Solder-Clamp 33-18003-002 5
M39012/83B3004 B XVI Solder-Clamp 33-18003-003 5
M39012/83-3005 E XVII Solder-Clamp 33-18003-004 5
M39012/83-3006 E XVI Solder-Clamp 33-18003-005 5
M39012/83-3007 E XVII Solder-Clamp 33-18003-006 5
M39012/83-3008 E XVI Solder-Clamp 33-18003-007 5
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