M39012/18 BNC Panel Cable Jacks

M39012/18 connectors are panel-mounted BNC jacks for flexible cable, with captive contacts and several types of cable attachment. They have silver-plated bodies and gold-plated contacts.

In some cases, you can choose either Wedge- Lock or V-Groove clamping for the same M39012 part number, as both are qualified to the MIL specification. In these cases, please make reference to the Automatic part number when ordering.
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Figure 1 Figure 2
M39012 P/N Category Cable Group Cable Attachment Automatic P/N Figure
M39012/18-0013 C VIa Econo-Crimp 10-19004-000 1
M39012/18-0014 C VIb Econo-Crimp 10-19004-001 1
M39012/18-0015 C VIIa Econo-Crimp 10-19004-002 1
M39012/18-0016 C IV Econo-Crimp 10-19004-003 1
M39012/18-0017 C VIIb Econo-Crimp 10-19004-004 1
M39012/18-0101 A VI V-Groove 10-19002-000 2
Wedge-Lock 10-19001-000
M39012/18-0102 A VII V-Groove 10-19002-001 2
Wedge-Lock 10-19001-001
M39012/18-0103 A IV V-Groove 10-19002-002 2
Wedge-Lock 10-19001-002
M39012/18-0501 D IV Econo-Crimp 10-19004-006 1
M39012/18-0502 D V Econo-Crimp 10-19004-007 1
M39012/18-0503 D VIb Econo-Crimp 10-19004-008 1
M39012/18-0504 D VIa Econo-Crimp 10-19004-009 1
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