M39012/02 N Panel Jacks
M39012/02 connectors are straight N jacks for flexible cable, with captive contacts and several types of cable attachment. They have silver-plated bodies and gold-plated contacts.

M39012/02 includes both straight (unmounted) and panel-mounted jacks. To see unmounted types, click here.

Click here for information on cable attachment categories and cable groups.
Figure 1 Figure 2
M39012 P/N Category Cable Group Cable Attachment Automatic P/N Figure
M39012/02-0006 A X Wedge-Lock 20-19001-000 1
M39012/02-0027 C VIII Econo-Crimp 20-19004-004 2
M39012/02-0028 C Xa Econo-Crimp 20-90004-001 2
M39012/02-0029 C Xb Econo-Crimp 20-19004-000 2
M39012/02-0030 C Xd Econo-Crimp 20-19004-005 2
M39012/02-0042 C Xc Econo-Crimp 20-19004-002 2
M39012/02-0104 A VIII Wedge-Lock 20-19001-001 1
M39012/02-0132 A XI Wedge-Lock 20-19001-002 1
M39012/02-0133 A XII Wedge-Lock 20-19001-003 1
M39012/02-0511 D Xb Econo-Crimp 20-19004-009 2
M39012/02-0512 D Xa Econo-Crimp 20-19004-010 2
M39012/02-0513 D VIb Econo-Crimp 20-19007-000 2
M39012/02-0514 D VIa Econo-Crimp 20-19007-001 2



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