N Series Connectors

Medium-size, versatile connectors with threaded mating, constructed to MIL-PRF-39012 requirements. N connectors are one of the most popular series available because of their combination of good performance, economical pricing, and wide range of configurations. MIL-PRF-39012 QPL versions are available.

Push-on and triaxial versions can also be supplied.
Impedance: 50 ohms; 70 ohm also available.
Frequency range: DC–11 GHz.

Dimensions in inches (millimeters).
Drawing is approximately 120% of actual size for clarity.

Automatic N cable connectors are available with nine standard cable attachment types for flexible and semi-rigid cable:
Standard and Improved Wedge-Lock; our patented, quick assembly method for flexible cable incorporating a captive center contact, only three parts to handle, and requiring no special tools.
V-Groove clamping with captive or noncaptive contacts for flexible cable, requiring no special tools for assembly.
Econo-Crimp with captive or noncaptive contacts for flexible cable, providing small size, light weight, and rapid assembly using standard, commercially-available crimp tools.
X-Crimp with captive contacts for flexible cable, providing rugged, high-strength cable attachment and quick assembly.
Wedge-Eze for flexible cable, our unique system featuring quick assembly, color coding by cable size, and field replaceability. Rapidly assembled with hand or automated tooling, or without special tools.
Solder-Clamp assembly for semi-rigid cable requires no special tools and allows for re-orientation of the connector after assembly to easily conform to system layout. Collet type clamping for solderless attachment of semi-rigid cable is also available.
Many of our N connectors are qualified to MIL-PRF-39012, and adapters to MIL-PRF-55339.
The versatility of N series of RF connectors is enhanced by Automatic’s ability to provide a wide range of alternate constructions and configurations to meet virtually any system requirements. Contact us with your requirements for custom configurations, such as:
• Polarized mating interfaces with reversed contacts and insulators to prevent accidental mating of incompatible circuits.
• Triaxial versions of all types are available, with anti-rock interfaces to minimize triboelectric noise in sensitive systems.
• 70 ohm impedance versions are available in all N configurations.
• Coupling nuts can be provided with lockwire holes for safety wiring after mating in high-vibration applications.
• Hex coupling nuts are also available.
• N connectors with Aluminum bodies can provide significant weight savings.
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